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GUIs: SuperNET InstantDEX GUI developer changes

Today the SuperNET core development team published this news:

… we’d like to take this opportunity to announce that the iDEX GUI delivery is now being handled by CPMT team-members ‘Tosch’ and ‘Eth’. Having already begun their collaborative effort in a proactive response to the previous dev’s difficulties in completing the assignment to the standard required within the time available, we anticipate that the coding and design skills they bring to the project will see it rapidly completed and delivered as part of upcoming SuperNET GUI application releases.

Many elements of this multi-faceted project are shortly to enter beta-testing prior to integration and it is a testament to the commitment and hard work of the numerous contributing members of both the SuperNET and the NXT communities that we are able to demonstrate the capabilities of a productive decentralised organisation.

That means we will probably see 3 InstantDEX clients in the near future: BTCD, SleuthApp & a GUI developed by SuperNET.

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