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Public Beta: BitcoinDark integrates InstantDEX — Decentralized Trading Engine

Download (Win64): BitcoinDark integrates InstantDEX — Decentralized Trading Engine

The BitcoinDark platform has integrated InstantDEX (iDEX), allowing decentralized trading from a range of sources within the client. The current iDEX-enabled wallet is a beta release intended for testing by the community. Feedback and support can be found on the BTCD bitcointalk forum and on the #BTCD SuperNET Slack channel. InstantDEX has been in development for over a year, and this is the first time a working version has been released for public use.

InstantDEX is decentralised trading middleware: a piece of software that sits between users and exchanges, allowing composite orderbooks to be built up from a number of sources, including traditional centralised exchanges such as Poloniex and Bittrex, the distributed Multigateway, and other decentralised options such as Nxt’s Asset Exchange. Trades are negotiated directly between peers in near-realtime. Nominal flat fees are charged (rather than a percentage of the trade), depending on the transaction fees and the source of liquidity. Integration of InstantDEX is a core element of BitcoinDark’s strategy to recover cryptocurrency’s ideals of decentralisation, allowing any user to trade with minimum risk from centralised exchanges and no requirements for KYC.

BTCD Webwallet beta V1 Download links:

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